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The attorneys in Bradshaw Law Firm's Wills, Trusts, Estate Planning and Probate Law practice area help clients preserve, administer and transfer wealth. We provide legal advice for clients in developing all components of an estate plan including life insurance, methods of providing for a child's education, charitable planning, succession of family businesses, planning for distribution of IRAs or pension benefits, coordinating estate planning among multiple generations, and planning for persons with disabilities and special needs. Attorneys in the practice area offer legal advice to clients striving to eliminate or reduce taxes and avoid court intervention in their affairs. We also work with clients in establishing and administering trusts and represent executors, trustees, guardians, conservators and others before the Probate Court in probate estate, conservatorship and guardianship actions. Attorneys in the practice area interact and consult with Bradshaw Law Firm's litigation attorneys to handle disputed probate proceedings, including will and trust contests, trustee accounting, claims and other proceedings.


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