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The attorneys in Bradshaw Law Firm's Real Estate Law practice area assist our clients in real estate property transactions, disputes and related matters. We provide legal advice and negotiate, prepare, and litigate real estate matters. Attorneys in the practice area provide legal advice and represent clients, including buyers, sellers, and lenders in the purchase and sale of commercial and residential properties. We can assist you with sale and lease agreements and overseeing and conducting necessary due diligence proceedings in such real estate transactions. Attorneys in the practice area represent clients in transactions involving competing prospective buyers, sellers whose real estate property is the subject of bankruptcy proceedings, environmental due diligence at various phases, title company complications, titles issues, and lease backs. We have negotiated and consummated commercial property leasing on behalf of lessors and lessees, including medical professionals, restaurants, entertainment establishments, consultant firms, and other businesses. Attorneys in the practice area have also handled litigation and counseling matters pertaining to state property tax assessments.


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