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The Municipal Law practice area of the Bradshaw Law Firm represents municipal and county level government units of all sizes, as well as school boards, housing authorities, and quasi-governmental entities. The attorneys in the Municipal Law practice area concentrate in a select number of areas of practice including labor and employment law, administrative law, zoning and variance disputes, law enforcement defense, and other tort defense of governmental entities.

The attorneys in the Municipal Law practice area are qualified to draft and negotiate a wide range of legal instruments, including leases and inter-governmental contracts (28E agreements) on behalf of clients. In addition, the attorneys are equipped to assist clients in the preparation of proposed legislation, ordinances, resolutions, as well as with the creation and revision of the client’s own internal policies and bylaws.

Attorneys in the Municipal Law practice area have successfully litigated federal and state court cases involving civil rights, including but not limited to, police liability claims involving search and seizure, excessive use of force, and claims alleging illegal governmental policies and customs. Attorneys in the practice area also handle employment discrimination, sexual harassment, wrongful discharge, defamation, and tort claims. Attorneys are prepared to attend corporate meetings and to assist a municipality in conducting its meetings and handling the legal issues which may come forward as a result. Finally, attorneys in the Municipal Law practice area commonly advise on open records and open meetings requests.

Stressing practical advice to business administrators and supervisors, the Municipal Law practice area provides in-house and on-site seminars. Additionally, attorneys in the practice area offer practical training for managers, employers, and supervisors in many areas, including but not limited to, law enforcement issues and in preventing harassment and promoting diversity in the workplace.


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