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The attorneys in Bradshaw Law Firm's Business Law and Corporate Law practice area provide comprehensive legal counseling to our clients. Attorneys in the practice area assist clients with business, corporate, and non-profit formation, including the drafting of organizational documents. We also provide transactional advice to our clients, including but not limited to: mergers and acquisitions, banking transactions, business reorganization, and corporate finance and securities law. We also counsel new and established businesses and corporations regarding statutory and regulatory compliance, taxation issues, employment and labor issues, corporate governance, and a variety of other areas.

Litigation attorneys in the Business Law and Corporate Law practice area are able to counsel our clients in all types of litigation matters. We are able to assist clients before administrative agencies, in district court, and through the appeals process.  We assist a wide variety of clients, including insurance companies, United States and foreign corporations, small businesses, professionals, commercial banks, industrial companies, non-profit organizations, and educational institutions. Attorneys in the practice area have tried numerous cases involving business and corporate litigation.



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