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Bradshaw Attorney Successful in Obtaining IRS Refund

December 2, 2019

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On December 2, 2019, the IRS returned $642,149.51 to the Marshalltown Community School District, a complete refund of fees and penalties the district accrued by not paying payroll tax deposits on time from April 2017 to June 2018.  Bradshaw, Fowler, Proctor & Fairgrave, P.C. attorney Christopher R. Wertzberger serves as Marshalltown Community School District attorney, and when the issue was discovered, Mr. Wertzberger worked closely with an attorney from another Des Moines law firm in arguing for the full refund. 

The Marshalltown Times-Republican newspaper reported Marshalltown Community School District business director Paulette Newbold, and many others, were surprised at the full refund from the IRS. “We were hoping to get at least 50 percent. We did not expect a full 100 percent.  We are extremely satisfied with the efforts our attorneys put forth on behalf of the Marshalltown School District to get the money back,” she told the newspaper.

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