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Gregory L. Kenyon Part of Drake Law's "150 in 150"

December 21, 2015

Drake University Law School posted its "150 in 150" list on December 18, 2015. Included in the list of 150 names was Bradshaw attorney Gregory L. Kenyon, a graduate of Drake University Law School in 1978.

The list posted on the Drake Law website included the following information about the the 150 individuals whose names were included in the list:

"In recognition of our 150th anniversary, Drake Law is celebrating individuals who have best demonstrated the values of the Law School and have helped shape Drake Law into who we are today. All alumni, faculty, students, and friends were eligible for inclusion.

While there is no way one list can possibly encompass the many individuals who have influenced Drake Law in 150 years, this is an outstanding list of those recognized by peers, family, students, and classmates."

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